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OptiMult Energy

OptiMult Energy focusses on providing energy solutions to the much- needed areas by looking into “green energy” initiatives

OptiMult Infrastructure

We at OptiMult stand by our value of “making a difference to Society” through OptiMult Infrastructure by looking at housing developments, roads and clean water solutions

OptiMult Consulting

We leverage the extensive experience of our resources to deliver consistently to the market

OptiMult Investments

OptiMult strives to seek out opportunities to enhance its portfolio by investing in emerging companies to augment our total value proposition

50years of experience

Pooling 50 years of combined experience from diverse industries and poised to meet the challenges of the future with the focus on quality, consistency and ingenuity.

Green Solutions

We care about our environment and doing our bit to ensure its survival for generations to come


we have the experience and the resources to deliver technical solutions of the highest quality


Black Owned Business





About Us

Optimult is a multi-faceted, 100% black-owned company. Our mutual relations are based on partnership, trust and understanding. The Group has developed a broad portfolio of services, allowing for good revenue diversification. As a result, we enjoy a solid financial position and are ready to carry out the most complex and challenging projects. Whenever we enter a new business opportunity, our Clients benefit from the knowledge and know-how of a professional team, which, combined with our international experience, enable us to successfully implement even the largest projects. Thus, we can become a reliable and valuable partner for every business.

We believe in keeping our team focused and motivated to do their best to achieve, when the stakes are high and the consequences really matter.

We, at OptiMult believe that we are an organization that exists to make a difference to society by creating value. Our extensive experience in the resources sector empowers us to offer value to our clients and society. We have understood that in optimizing solutions in the resources sector, requires us to evaluate multiple opportunities, hence the evolution of OptiMult- an organization that endeavors to seek out solutions by evaluating multiple opportunities and optimizing such for success.

The founder of OptiMult is passionate about digital integration and conceptualizing the future which he believes, with the technological progress, will have a colossal impact on Society. This, packaged with a stamp of quality, reliability and consistency will earn us a place in the highly dynamic consulting industry.

OptiMult believes in giving back to the community and creating a legacy through cultivating inventiveness and setting new standards. It is about removing blinkers and delving into cutting edge technology.

Where an artist dreams, OptiMult makes those dreams a reality!