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Our fundamental business relates to:

Environmentally friendly green solutions

Innovative technical solutions in the resources sector

Portfolio management of multi-disciplinary projects

Due diligence of new and existing projects

Advisory and mentoring of new businesses to ensure sustainable diversity in economic growth

Implementation of systems and digitization of information

Technical strategy development

We have understood the diversity of the different sectors and structured the business to address this through our various Divisions:

Optimult Energy

OptiMult Energy focusses on providing energy solutions to the much- needed areas by looking into “green energy” initiatives. We are currently engaged with a number of partners and clients that are exploring and implementing solutions in:

  • Solar Power
  • Bio-mass energy
  • Fuel Cell technology
  • Embedded wind power technology

We believe that to achieve economic growth and especially economic emancipation in Southern Africa, power is key to cultivating growth in the rural areas. We achieve this with mini-grids of solar combined with wind and ammonia fuel cell technology. We, in partnering with the next generation of embedded energy source, hope to nurture and drive our core value of innovation. We have spear headed this through our involvement in the implementation of:

  • Ammonia to hydrogen fuel cell solution to be used as backup or primary energy source, the emissions of which are zero harmful greenhouse gases.
  • Embedded wind energy by engineering the Brayfoil wind turbine for cities.
  • Solar energy with various suppliers

This speaks to OptiMult’s efforts of sustainability and responsibility in supporting the “United Nations Climate Change” agreements in reducing global greenhouse emissions and reducing our carbon footprint to ensure a survival of this planet for generations to come.

Optimult Infrastructure

We at OptiMult stand by our value of “making a difference to Society” through OptiMult Infrastructure by providing the following services:

  • Development of medium to low cost housing developments that integrate societal aspects like schools and trading facilities within the development
  • Road maintenance programs to facilitate reliable connectivity in the country
  • Development of infrastructure related to the resources sector

Optimult Consulting

We leverage the extensive experience of our resources to provide the following services:

  • Review of Projects in the mining sector with the view to optimizing capex and opex of projects
  • Evaluation of Asset Integrity including but not limited to integrity of underground infrastructure. The founder, Mushir Khan, has written many articles for Engineering News, amongst others, on assessments of aging shaft, safety devices in underground installation and establishing asset integrity criteria for ageing infrastructure. Mining is a valuable part of Africa’s economy and we believe, if this is to stay, then we need to be proactive in serving to protect the mining personnel and the pockets of the mining companies.
  • Project Management and Engineering management leadership on projects
  • Detailed engineering and design services
  • Development of strategies around digital transformation. Digital Journey, data mining, image mapping, remote inspections, AI decision making tools are a reality of today and the founder of OptiMult has been at the forefront of implementing the digital transformation in the engineering space with Integrated Project Platforms(IPP) that combine engineering design, construction, maintenance and risk to provide a better understanding of the risk profiles and scenarios hence allowing for calculated business decision making tools and probabilistic assessment of projects.

Optimult Investment

OptiMult strives to seek out opportunities to augment its portfolio by investing in emerging companies to enhance our total value proposition. Our affiliations thus far are with:

  • Blacc Investment Group
  • Brayfoil
  • Vancrete Construction
  • VLA Projects
  • Sibane Developments